Enrolment Process

Perth Montessori follows a structured enrolment process to ensure all applications for enrolment are conducted consistently and fairly and that students and families are offered our professional services at all times.

PM is a non-selective school with no entrance exams, so students are placed on the School’s enrolment list according to the date on which their application is received.

Due to our personalised approach to each of our student's education, we are able to accept enrolments throughout the school year and at any age level if space is available.

The Process

Playgroup (0-3 with parents and carers)

If you are interested in our parents/carers and bubs Playgroup program for children aged from birth to three years, please book a tour or attend for a free introductiory session. For all other inquires, please read on.

Cycle One: the Childrens House (3-6 years)

1. Initial Enquiry & School Tour 

To learn about our Children's House (Cycle One) program for children aged from 3 to 6 years, please book a tour. This is the best way to to learn about Perth Montessori and find out if our school might be suitable for your family.

If you are unable to attend a tour in person but would like to make an application for enrolment, please contact our enrolments team to discuss your particular situation.

2. Make an Application 

Following a tour, to apply for a place for your child you need to complete an application form and pay the non-refundable application fee. The form will have been provided, along with other relevant documentation, during your tour. Please return this to our enrolments team.

Supporting Documents;

A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation History from My Gov is required for making an application. If available, please also provide any academic or medical reports with your child's application.
If your child was born overseas or you do not have permanent residency, it is also essential that Visa status documentation be included with the documentation at this stage.

3. Application Confirmation

Once we have received your completed application, we will acknowledge receipt by email.

4. Class Observationl, Trial & Interview

Parents/carers will be invited to undertake a class observation and follow-up interview with the Principal. The observation is your opportunity to watch a Montessori class of students at work and gain a better understanding of the method and philosophy of learning that your child will experience. It is important that parents and carers have a realistic understanding of how Montessori education works in practice.

Following your observation, you will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal and Deputy Principal or Montessori Coordinator. At this interview, you have an opportunity to ask questions and we will get to know your child and you better.

Following a successful interview, all applicants are put on a waitlist for the nominated year level of entry according to the date your completed application is received. Generally, new enrolments are only admitted at the start of a school term. If a child is older (4.5 to 5 years) they may be asked to attend a trial in Cycle One to ensure their needs can be supported within our multi-age classrooms.

Primary: Cycle 2 (6-9 years) and Cycle 3 (9-12 years)

Enrolment at Cycle 2 or 3 is subject to the availability of places, the child's experience within a Montessori environment and / or their suitability to adapt and manage the demands of our educational approach which is self-directed and requires independent working skills. We currently have a small number of places available, however applications will be considerred on a case-by-case basis. Please complete the enrolment enquiry form or contact the enrolments team to discuss your situation and arrange a tour.

Adolescent Program / High School: Cycle 4 (12-14 years) and Cycle 5 (14 to 18 years)

Enquiries for high school admission must be directed to the enrolments team for the consideration of the principal. Limited places are available in Cycle 4 (years 7 and 8) and Cycle 5 (year 9 only) in 2023. 

Admission to our high school is based on the availability of a place, the successful completion of an interview by the student and their parent / carer, consideration of the student's previous school attendance and motivation to learn, as well as their suitability to succeed in a self-directed learning environment. If these conditions are met, students and their parents or carers are invited to attend a tour of the school. From there they can make an application for consideration of enrolment. If you want to proceed with securing a place at Perth Montessori, the student must undertake a trial to determine if our school is right for them and that the school can adequately cater for their needs.

5. Offer of a Place

Based on the successsful completion of the process outlined above, a Letter of Offer may be forwarded to you. This is typically done within 2 weeks of your interview with the Principal. If no places are currently available at your child's level, we will add them to our waitlist and keep in touch.

6. Acceptance and Confirmation of a Place

If you wish to accept the offered place for your child, then the acceptance documentation provided with the Offer Letter must be returned to the enrolments team within 14 days of the written offer (or prior to commencement – whichever is earlier). Payment of the relevant fees and non-refundable Entry Confirmation Fee are also required to confirm your child's place.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding enrolments please contact our enrolments team via email, or phone reception on +61 (0)8 9362 3186.