Lower Primary - 6 to 9 years

Dr Maria Montessori discovered that the needs and characteristics of children at various stages of their development are key to establishing an environment where the child can best learn at their pace.

In Lower Primary the foundations laid in Children's House flourish and grow.

There is still a lot of movement and work in small groups in Lower Primary and the Montessori guide usually works with one child or with a small group and can be seen walking around the classroom observing activities.

Children are involved in activities such as number work, reading, writing or computer activities. They may be sitting at tables or working on floor mats, working alone, in pairs or on collaborative group activities.

In this cycle children undertake research and project work gaining an understanding of cooperative and collaborative learning.

There is a dramatic change around age six and the Montessori environment changes to meet these needs.

Children become intellectual in nature and begin to move from concrete to abstract reasoning. They develop morality and imagination based on the reality they know.

They acquire knowledge and information effortlessly because of their innate passion for learning. They learn through discovery and creative problem-solving. It is through the child’s exploration, imagination and creativity that knowledge and concepts are understood and mastered.


Cycle 2 cooking class Cycle 2 word sort job.
Cycle 2 working with Director.