About Our School

Perth Montessori is a boutique, independent, co-educational, inner-city school established in Burswood, Western Australia over 40 years ago. It has a long and proud history of offering high-quality, Montessori education to children from birth to 18 years.

Our Vision

Encouraging curious, independent, lifelong learners. To empower our children in an environment based on the values of resilience and respect.

Our Approach

Following the Montessori curriculum and SCSA curriculum, we provide a multi-age, prepared environment that encourages students to feel valued, safe and secure. Students are encouraged to become independent learners, problem solvers, and critical thinkers who can take initiative and responsibly make their own decisions in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

School Structure and Organisation

Perth Montessori is a private, independent school operated by Perth Montessori School Inc., a not-for-profit association incorporated in Western Australia.  Please refer to the Governance page for more information on our school's structure and management.

Our History

The school began in 1980 as the Victoria Park Montessori Playgroup, with Anne Zekas as Principal. In 1982 it became known as the Montessori Children's Centre with the opening of the first Children's House, Hibiscus. The Centre expanded throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, increasing the size of its primary education facilities and obtaining a second property, which now houses Playgroup and music rooms.

In 2000, Gary Pears joined the School as the Principal and the Centre changed its name to the Perth Montessori School Inc.

The school again expanded in 2006 acquiring an adjoining property on Burswood Road, which now houses the reception office and High School. The school first began accepting secondary enrolments in 2007.

2018 Name Change

In 2018, the then Board changed the school's name from Perth Montessori to Perth Individual. The name of the registered charity that operates the school remained as Perth Montessori School Inc., with Perth Individual being a registered trading name.

This change was not universally well received and, at the AGM held in 2021, members voted to return to the school's original name. This transition and the associated rebranding was completed in July 2022. Perth Montessori is now the registered name of the school and under which it currently holds its WA Department of Education Registration.