Our Team

Meet our teachers.

Sharika Bisnath

Playgroup Director

Brenda Cooke

Playgroup Director

Caroline Kennedy

Cycle 1 Director and Learning Support

Michelle Kwok

Cycle 1 Director

Anthea Pinto

Cycle 1 Director

Kerryn Johns

Cycle 1 Education Assistant

Arul Kalipermal

Cycle 1 Education Assistant

Udenie Karunaratne

Cycle 1 Education Assistant

Jayne Kaiko

Cycle 2 Director

Michelle Watson

Cycle 2 Director

Deborah Pan

Cycle 2 Education Assistant

Shamim Misso

Cycle 3 Director

Debbie Wrigley

Cycle 4 & 5 Big Picture Lead Advisor

Tamara Yousry

Cycle 4 & 5 Big Picture Advisor

Lee Cooper

Cycle 3 Specialist and Cycle 4 & 5 Big Picture Advisor

Todd Bebbington

Music Specialist & Private Piano Tutor

Linda Stapleton

Language Specialist

Sally Somers

Art Specialist


Meet our support staff.

Sally Alderton

Principal & Ex-Officio Board Director

Adin Livnjak

Deputy Principal & Physical Education Specialist

Nina Thethy

Finance Manager & Board's Secretary

Yoh Araki

Receptionist and Waabiny Coordinator